The habits of a beauty junkie

Woman and obsession with beauty are the two sides of the same coin. Are you one! An obsessed beauty who can’t be ready in spite of starting doing for hours! The very first step is admitting the fact that you have a problem. It is not a problem that will it linked with a dangerous outcome, in fact, it is problem that deals with the fact that you are a ‘Beauty Addict’.

Now the point is there are many individuals like us, who don’t even know the fact that they are a beauty addict. Typically for them here, are few telltale signs that prove the fact that you are a perfect beauty addict and lover of your own self.
• Even if you have started a few hours ago for getting ready for any occasion or a casual outing, still you are not ready.

• You can’t rush for perfection

• You desire to know that which and what perfume that girl who has just worn it, has entered. Maximum time girl’s thing the perfume is gifted by someone special.

• You will feel proud of yourself on the day when you have perfectly winged the liner

• Trying out different shades of lipstick but unable to find out the reason why! You may have hundreds of shade but you keep on putting the same all the time.

• Trying to portray an outlook which resembles the beauty of celebrity. You may try out pouting or smiling like the celebrity who you are coping as per your makeup.

• You often talk to your friends regarding nail polish by its name and not about his shades. It is pretty weird, but a majority of an addict does it.

• The enthusiasm is mostly unparalleled when trying out a different nail polish. It stops you to eat food with your own hands.

• Nothing rushes out of your soul other than seeing a broken compact or eye liner. You keep on fixing it and trying it out till the last dust.

• Trying to get to the airport as early as possible if you are going for an outing because you are too much excited.

• Your bag heavier due to an extra make-up kit in your bag; in summers, make-up is more than carrying a water bottle.

• You can name a MAC lipstick shade on sight alone.

Believe it or not, if you have these traits you are a beauty addict! There is no harm in it!


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