Intelligence Gadgets Which Will Turn Around Your idle Life

There are several gadgets around which are making our life more interesting. Some of them are mentioned below

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 · Selfie Stick

From the past two years the world is going crazy with selfie culture. The selfie stick enables you to take photos of yourself with any other person or with the group without failing to fall short in a group. The selfie stick comes with inbuilt Bluetooth button or external Bluetooth remote with which you can enable yourself to adjust according to mobile screen.


· Baby Breeza Formula Pro

Scooping formula into bottle & shaking it fast manually is a harder job. Baby breeza formula pro will prepare your baby’s bottle for you automatically. All on its own the device will measure, mixed & dispensed the allowed quantity will a stable emulsion.


· Power bank

Often called as portable charger is another device used all across the globe. Power bank comes in capacity measurement of mAh like 10400mAh. You can charge the power bank & carry with you with its portable structure it is easy to carry the power bank anywhere while travelling, while trekking, to places where there is shortage of electricity. Power bank is extremely help device in emergency conditions.


· VR Headset

Virtual reality headset is a device where you can put your mobile phone with enable VR mode & watch in the VR device wear on the eyes like mask. The device gives the user a 3D experience like watching the video or movie in a theatre. VR headset is a very impressive device good for users who want to get a cinematic experience at home or while travelling.


· Self-Stirring Mug

A very less known device self-stirring mug stirs itself the only effort which we need to put is to press down the button. The mug will stir automatically & your coffee is ready. The device will be used on a bigger scale in corporate offices in future.


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