5 places in India you should visit this summer

India is a very rich place that has been mostly undiscovered and left untapped by other people like travelers, wanderers and occasional holidayers for those foreign and exotic locations. Now, to make sure that it becomes the target of such people Thomas cook introduces a special getaway vacation packages filled with hotel discount coupons and customizable travel packages that will definitely make your travelling and family touring plans worth many moments and memories.

India has many wandering and serenity providing places that just dont become a holidaying place but also a place that you would like to revisit again and again. If you are somewhat busy person and has a family who longs for a vacation at this summer vacation and you haven’t able to think of something that satisfies them then just keep reading this article to see where you can take them around india and make them with yourself happy. Or if you are a student or a single person wanting to unwind from the stuffs of the daily life and want to go with some of your friends then select from the below which place would bring you more peacefulness and reinvigoration. This is even applies to those who doesn’t have a budget or lavish spending money but want to get away a while from the place they are living and are tired of finding things like easy trip promo code, hotel booking discounts, discount train tickets for students, airline promo codes either online or offline can also find what resonates their specifications.


Below, is a list of top 5 places that you can choose to visit in india brought to you by Thomas cook.


1) Ladakh

Ladakh which is called a land of high passes is a place that is located in the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir and is known as india’s Tibet because it has culture that reflects Tibet. It lies between the ladakh range and the zanskar range. It is mostly snowed area with a temperature around -5° C where activities like trekking upon hills & valleys are most favored and loved. The best time is said to visit ladakh is during June and September. If you think you need to cover yourself up with something that hasn’t been touched by the industrialized metropolitans and the growing technology and bring you to a totally new enriching experience of what is india is without much searching for cheap vacation packages elsewhere then welcome to ladakh by using the Thomas cook offers and coupon codes. Plus have ever heard that you can have sunburn and frostbite at the same time in ladakh?


 2) Meghalaya

It is located in north-east side of india which brings pleasantries of being a cultural and totally attached to a greenery side of the world that has been trapped into high building and commercialization. It is known as india’s Scotland and having capital of shilling where it is has a region of being the most wettest with 70% off area falling under forest area. You can visit here at any time of the world where you have a varied list of places for the visitation like Mawlynnong Village, Laitlum Canyon, Ialong Park, Balpakram National Park, Umiam Lake, Mawsmai Cave, Elephant Falls and much more once you decide to go there and lost into what a heaven is. And with Thomas cook discount coupons hotel to cheapest train tickets, looks like no one can stop you from going there.


3) Goa

If your mood is to enjoy and just party somewhere around the edge of sea and beaches then goa is one of the place earmarked for you. It is located in the south western area of india which presents a moderate climate of being affected by sea waves and tides. It possesses a great range of not only beaches but also of worship places and world heritage architecture and flora and fauna. Take your time to enjoy the places located at goa and make yourself refreshed and enlivened with the exotic collection of nature. Thomas cook has made some special recommendations for people visiting goa where they not only get train special offers, promotional holiday packages, airline promo codes but a personal information of how they can save more money while around in goa.


4) Darjeeling

Darjeeling comes from a sanskrit word meaning the invincible prowess of shiva who is ruling the himalayas where it is located in the eastern side of the india, west Bengal. It is deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site where it is famous for growing extensive black tea transporting to all over the world ranking in the world as the most popular of black teas. It has subtropical highland climate making for travelers to visit it almost any time. Plus, from Thomas cook you can take the best cheap train tickets to vacation packages coupons that come at almost free when you make your booking from Thomas cook for Darjeeling.


 5) Andaman & Nicobar islands

It is known as one of 7 union territories of india which consists of a group of islands at the closure of bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. Port blair is the capital of Andaman islands and car nicobar is the capital of nicobar and the largest city in the territory. It is alive in its essence due to the reason of being completely detached from the modernizing india where only a small group of cultural local people live there unconnected to the another world. The complete area of this side of india is full of beaches and exotic locations which bears and makes all those historical moments untouched by time. You can take vacation packages to hotel promo deals that Thomas cook has made for journeyers travelling here.



So, where are you and your family going to have the most fun and memories shared?

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